12 Legit Work From Home Websites for Filipino Workers

You want to start your own online career but you are not sure where to go, hopefully this post might help you which websites can help you start your online job.

by | February 21, 2020

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What does it mean to “Work From Home”?

Basically, working in the comfort of your home but actually not just your home. Either in any part of your home – in your bed, living room, or dining table or wherever there is internet connection – cafe, restaurants or computer shops. Wherever it is, that is your workplace!

It was not restricted to just your own home, you can also be on your friend’s home, your neighbor or your relatives or might be the best feeling is when you want to visit your dream vacation place and bring your laptop with you.

Work From Home Jobs only needs your Laptop (Well, you can’t bring your whole Desktop on the go) with stable Internet Connection. Clients will sometimes require you to install apps or programs that will be used for collaboration. You might also be needing additional peripherals like headsets with noise cancellation feature that might help you stay on calls without distractions to your clients.

What are the Advantages of Working From Home?

1. No More Everyday Traffic

Traffic is the #1 pain that every Filipino worker’s reason in transitioning to online-based jobs. These hours spent commuting are enough to finish tasks when you work online.

According to the study conducted by Boston Consulting Group, Metro Manila has 3rd worst traffic in Southeast Asia. The Philippine’s Government together with MMDA is still trying to resolve this #1 problem but still it has a long way to go for a reality to be resolved.

That’s why many Filipino workers would still choose to work online so they can escape the average 66 minutes daily traffic.

2. Expenses to Savings

Of course, when we are commuting, we are also paying for our transportation expenses which includes gasoline, toll fees, and commuting fare. We can also limit ourselves to participating in buying outside foods like coffee, junk foods and even eating at fast food chains. We can also be less fashionista especially to offices that have no dress code.

When we work from home, those expenses can be used for more important financial aspects or as additional savings. Less transpo allowance, less comfort foods and most especially we can wear anything we are comfortable. (Can be working topless, or just with your boxers or undies.😂)

3. More Productive Days

One of the amazing advantages of working from home is converting your days to more productive days. Well, in a 24 hour shift, give some time at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep. That is one of the benefits you can give yourself.

Now, you have 15 more hours to become productive. If your online job is 8 hours, you have 7 hours to do other matters. If your online job requires you less than 8 hours, which is much better, the remaining hours is for you to attend other matters.

Working from home lets you manage your own time and on your own terms. You can pause for a moment to attend other tasks, and resume working as long as you deliver what you need to deliver.

There’s actually different styles of working from home which I shared at Asenso Tips and Stories Podcast Session #6. It really depends on what type of client hired you.


Top 12 Legit Work From Home Websites

Here are the Top 12 Legit Work From Home Websites that you can visit and might help you start your online career.

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