SAT 007: Register Domain Name with Namecheap

by | December 3, 2018


The very first step on building your own online presence.

For you to be able to start building your own online presence, you have to think of what should be the name of your domain.

It can be the name of your company if you have one or simply your name if you want to be a public figure. But it is best to invent a name that is specific to your topic that will act as your brand.

This brand can be known as you and can become a company after.

To provide more insights about domain, this episode can tell you more.

Are you ready to create your own brand?

Building your own online presence takes time. But if you do, you are already done with the very first step.

I am so excited for your journey.

You Rock!

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Namecheap is a domain registrar that offers cheap services. It is also a webhosting company. As the company’s name refers to creating cheap names online, it is your first step to creating your own online presence.


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You'll Learn:


Why Namecheap?


Definition of Domain and TLD extension


Steps in domain name registration with Namecheap


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