ATS 001: Free Website vs Branded Website

January 16, 2020

You want to create your own website either for personal or business yet you are confused if you will go for the free website or start with a brand. This session talks about the limited functions if you are going to use a free website and the benefits of creating a branded one.


How to create a free website?
Free websites can be created through free website builders. Once you have your account, you are ready to start with the design and contents. These website builders make it easy for you to create your website because it doesn’t need you to be a programmer. Most of the time, the core features of these free website builders is they are designed as drop-and-down and/or user-friendly systems.

These website builders acts as your hosting server. To know more about hosting server, you can watch this episode: Show and Tell Ep. 8: Connect Domain Name to Hosting Server

Some of the best and recommended website builders are Wix, Weebly and is different to as is a free open-source Content Management System that is installed to your server so you can design your website while is a free website builder which doesn’t require you to install anything. All you need is to create an account and proceed with design.


Limitations of using a free website
Free websites do not own their domains. They become a subdomain of the website builders’ primary domain. Since they create their account under that website builder. Free websites also has intrusive ads that half promote the website builder used.

How to create a branded website?
If you decided to start with these free website builders, you can avail their paid service programs so that you can purchase your own domain and connect it. You will be able to have your own domain. At least you are promoting your own branded url. With paid service plans, you will be able to choose the features you wanted to add.

If you want to learn more about Domain Names and where you can purchase, you can check this episode: Show and Tell Ep.7: Register Domain Name with Namecheap

Another way to create your branded website is to buy your own domain name and avail a hosting service like Cloudways. There’s a one-click install WordPress so you can start building your own branded website.



If you are still not yet ready on creating a branded website because of lack of budget, then using free website builders is good. As long as you can live with all the limited functions of it.

Still, we recommend on creating a branded website where you use your own domain especially if you are creating a website for your business, because this will make your business authentic.

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You'll Learn:

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  • Difference of and
  • Why branded website?
  • Advantage of creating a branded website


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