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Welcome to AsensoHub’s Digital Library! This is one of the private-room in my blog where you can see the books I have read and somehow had an impact in my life. Here’s a back story as to why it became digital why I stopped collecting books! Feel free to back read that story, the important thing now is what we have today.


Current Book Reading

Instructions for Happiness and Success : A Step-By-Step Mind Manual for Creating the Life You Choose

“Beautiful words, beautiful ideas – my friend Susie has written a beautiful book” –Dr. Robert Holden, bestselling author of Happiness Now! and Shift Happens! An empowering guide for transforming your life, Instructions for Happiness and Success provides you with the tools and guidance you need to harness joy and prosperity. Using the wisdom of the universe and her experience as a mentor to celebrities, entrepreneurs, and business leaders, author Susie Pearl has honed in on the key steps you can implement to create a richer and more meaningful life. Designed as an interactive workbook, this book begins the journey toward satisfaction by reshaping the way you think. With motivating affirmations, visualization audios, and revelatory exercises, you will not only learn how to nurture a positive spirit and fully appreciate the good that’s already around you, but also how to channel this new and constructive energy to bring even more happiness and success into your life. Her revelatory exercises, which help clarify your values, will further enrich your existence as you learn more about yourself and how to be happy in any situation.

So here are the books that I personally have read. All links below take you to


Book Depository is an online bookseller with large catalogue that offers free shipping to over 160 countries. (Free Shipping is real!) I once bought from it, and since then became my #1 choice every time I am starving for a new book. I am from the Philippines, and sometimes some books are not yet available in the local bookstore. Also, online shopping is more fun! That made me find alternatives. Free Shipping is real, great discounts also exist, and most of all CashBack is real. If you decide to purchase any of the books below, check my guide on this article. If you already have accounts on both Book Depository and ShopBack, then just click this link to activate your CashBack and start checking on the links below.

Full Disclosure: As an affiliate of Book Depository, I receive a commission if you purchase through these links. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Thank you in advance because I would feel that the content I share matters.

Hopefully it could also inspire you, help you, motivate you, just like I am.  Enjoy reading!

The moment I started reading this book, I able to segment my business ideas and focus on one goal. It was like a mini-retreat in a book where you need to implement those steps to see the results. I wanted to build my own online business but not sure where and how to start, but this book gives me a clear vision on how I would be able to start the next idea, plan it and launch it before it goes live on the marketplace. That is what best with this book, you can test it before you make it fly.
This book really hit me so hard and given me a lot of reasons to continue and do what I do.







This book is really amazing especially if you are building your own community or group of supporters.







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