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“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

by | October 3, 2017

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November 2016 when my project ended on my IT Consultancy job. Since it was November, I thought that it would be hard for me to apply for another job. There’s a possibility of working on the next holidays if I would be hired. I will not have enough leave credits. I cannot take it to not be with my family during those precious days of the year.


Then I decided to take a break. I thought of resting for the next 3-4 months since I am also preparing for a conference in Iloilo for February 2017. Time goes by, I enjoyed my rest days and forgot how exhausted I am every time I go to work from Quezon City to BGC. I did enjoy each day staying at home but of course sometimes I still gets bored especially when you think of where to get and provide budget for the things you need to pay for the month. Since I experienced working part time online, I researched for new ways on how to work online. is one of the new mediums that I saw that could be something promising for work from home jobs. I updated my profile, completed and verified it. Started to submit cover letters, answer applications that I know I can do the job. January 2017, I got my first job but it was only part-time. My client compensate well since the job was just a copy-paste but I earned $85 per task, which I got 3 tasks. I did really survived during those time. Until then last week of January 2017, when I applied for “Business Analytics Manager” position. Got really interested on the description and all skills needed matched my skills though I am still willing to learn for some. After submission of application, they responded after a day. I took an online application (Answered questions in Google Form), then was selected to proceed to the next step for an interview with the Analytics Manager, then after a week I was selected as one of the 3 successful applicants to be interviewed by the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of the company.


1st week of February 2017 has been a roller coaster of emotions during the whole time of the application. It’s one of the online jobs I really prayed for. Aside from the desire of staying at home for work and want to learn more of the business, it was also the time that my budget is running out so bad. 2nd week of February 2017, just before our conference, the Lord granted my prayers. They emailed me the job offer and it is all well compensated. I decided to start on the 1st day of March and the rest is history.


Everything happens for a reason, no matter how many failed submitted applications, there is always one successful treasure waiting for the right time with the right person. Never give up on the desires of your heart and never forget to pray for it, for the Lord will grant those prayers in His perfect time.

Thanks to for I had found the best journey to my online career.



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Anyways, I’ve also shared my journey on how I earn my first $85 in OnlineJobsPH in one of my Show and Tell videos, here is the link for that episode.

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