How I Started Working Online?

A dream that I encountered, scrap it out but was able to cross my line again, knocks on my door and finally led me to dream again.

by | August 1, 2018

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It’s been a dream to be able to work online. Way back in 2012, I’ve been researching for online work. I spend most of my free time to computer shops to perform the research, sometimes when the teacher’s duties are off (since working as a Computer Instructor), Yahoo and Google are my best friends.

I had a few successful short-term jobs, but since I don’t have my own laptop, internet, and been busy from working full-time to private companies, the idea of working online has been scrap out.

2016, when working online cross my line again so I decided to invest in my own laptop and started to try it again. Still my time is an issue towards that online dream. Travel time to work consume most of my time so I had no opportunity to get online. Not until November 2017, I was laid off from my job. Since November, December and January are the busiest seasons in the Philippines, and I had a scheduled Long Vacation by February; I had a deal with myself and asked God’s guidance to grant my wants.

I will pursue online work within these times, and if I failed to find a stable one, something that will pay for all my bills, I will get back to apply to private companies by March 1.

I had short-term jobs again, which in the meantime became the payor for my monthly bills. I had no job, but my expenses are fixed, and I am able to still pay for all my payables. Until early January of 2017, I crossed this client looking for someone who “Loves Numbers”. Literally, I don’t love numbers as much how Mathematician, Accountants, Finance and Statistics love it but one thing I know, I can translate those numbers to be useful one. After passing all the exams and interviews, I was finally hired. Oh yes! 

I was hired full-time for 7 hours a day from Monday to Friday, with a compensation that really fits my monthly expenses, and above all, my start date at this job is March 1. And the deal is now officially off! Online work meets my way!

Hello, Online Work! Hello, Online Freedom! Hello, Online Journey!

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