I stopped collecting books!

I stopped collecting books!

I stopped collecting books!

I experienced one of my biggest heart-breaks that led me to stop collecting books! It was so devastating and depressing. 😭

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When I was still young, I imagine having my own house with one room as a Library. Yes! School-inspired Library where I can sit and relax, read my favorite novel or book. Where I can invite my friends, or my son’s and daughter’s friends and even pass it on to the next generation.


I love collecting books, started from all the books I bought from school since primary, to the books gifted by my grandparents’, to the set of encyclopedia my parents bought, to all the books I bought from BookSale when I started buying my own, from fictional to adventures to horror to inspirational I got them all!


But our family experienced one of the biggest heart-breaks in our life. Just months after my father died last 2015, our house was robbed. That house hasn’t been visited since my father got sick. We are living in a different city that time and that house was abandoned for a long time that my father usually visited it from time to time. When he died, we took time to visit it right after his funeral to check on things.


With great surprise, door at the back is open with leaving the door in front closed. Suspected that robbers has been getting our things every night, day by day.

Everything is almost gone. Too messy that they only get on the things that they know they can sell including all the toys, appliances, books I had and even medals and awards I earned since grade school.


So heart-breaking, that I cannot contain myself on what I can do just to take back time. Arggghhh! I just hate reminiscing that moment.  That moment of time, just after my father died is another battle that we need to face.


Fast forward, I stopped collecting books! Why should I collect again? Then bad people will come after them again? And again? Then break my heart again?


I stopped collecting books even reading any book, because it reminds me a lot. I wish they are more. I wish they can fill my dream room library soon. I wish I still had that set of encyclopedia that I can pass on the generation.


But then, we all need to move forward. It was heart-breaking but we need to face reality. Until I met book nerds like me, I went back to reading.


When I was introduced to Faith & Entrepreneurship books, I went back to buying my own. Little did I know, I am now back in collecting.


And while I still don’t have my own house with a dream room as library, I can’t invite friends to come over. Since today is a digital age where you can share anything you want over the internet, my blog would have a space for a Digital Library.


The Digital Library is where you can see the books I have read, inspired me, helped me, and motivated me, and at least on this space, I can invite you to read the books I have read. Well, the only thing is, while I share you these books, you can also build your own library.

Sometimes, we stop doing things we love when it breaks our heart but will surely bring us back to what we love doing in the first place and replace those heart breaks with new memories.

5 Important Gadgets In My Online Journey

5 Important Gadgets In My Online Journey

5 Important Gadgets In My Online Journey

Sino ba kasing nagsabing techy ako? Wala kaya kayong ebidensya!

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Tanong nga ng paborito kong pamangkin na inaanak ko rin,


“Si Ninang sosyal! Mommy bakit ang sosyal ni Ninang?”


Aba! Kabata-bata pa, marunong ng kumilatis ng sosyal!


Well, hindi naman talaga ako sosyal. Mahilig lang talaga ako sa mga gadgets na alam kong makakatulong ng malaki sa mga ganap sa aking life.


Yes techy talaga ako, pero sobrang piling-pili ang mga gadgets na talagang pinag-iipunan ko.


Marami pa ngang nasa listahan, pero darating din ang panahong mabibili ko rin sila!


Eh, hindi pa ngayon ang panahon na yun. Kaya dito muna tayo sa Part 1 ng mga gadgets ko.


Oh yes! Part 1 muna, sigurado namang magkakaroon ng Part 2 eh!


Sa Part 1 na toh, eto ung mga pinaka basic na gamit ko sa everyday life.


Dahil Work-From-Home ako, kaya mas nag-invest ako sa limang bagay na to.

Gadget #1

Aba! Syempre, Laptop! Kung mas taong bahay ka, pwede rin namang Desktop Computer. Pero dahil isa akong on-the-go freelancer, kung saan-saan napapadpad kaya mas mahalaga sakin ang Laptop.


When I bought my laptop last July 2016, I don’t have enough money kaya nag-ipon ako ng mga 20-30% nung price tsaka ko ina-apply sa HomeCredit. Kapag bumibili pa naman ako ng mga gadget, sobrang specific ako sa details. Dapat kahit paano, mejo advance ng konti para pang matagalan.


What I love with this laptop is the following features below:


  • Windows 10
  • NVIDIA® GeForce®
  • 8GB DDR3L
  • 1TB HDD
  • 5th Generation Intel® CoreTM i7 processor
  • 15.6″ FHD 1920 x 1080 anti-glare
  • 360º Flip-and-Fold Design

Full Specification details here in Lenovo website

That time, the deal is good. Kaya pumunta ako agad sa CompLink PH sa may SM North Edsa. Nag-bigay lang ako ng 15k for downpayment. The remaining balance is under HomeCredit na. Schedule is payable to only 9 months para mejo mabilis lang din matapos. Mga nasa 4k per month lang ung binayaran ko.


Mas malaki ang chance na ma-approve ang loan mo through HomeCredit kapag ang downpayment mo ay nasa 20-30% of the price. Advisable ang HomeCredit kung hindi mo kaya ng biglaan ang budget. And mas piliin mo ang shorter terms, para sandali lang ang takbo ng loan. Kasi the longer your loan, kahit mababa ang monthly amortization, mas malaki ang interest na binabayaran in total. Kaya choose HomeCredit basta marunong ka mag-bayad ng utang mo!

Unfortunately, this brand is no longer available in the market but as of this writing, this gadget is still good and working for me. Still got a good deal with that.

Gadget #2

This mouse is actually inspired by my previous supervisor in the BPO Company way back in 2016. Nung chineck ko sa internet by 2017, may bagong edition kaya un ang binili ko.


What I love about this mouse is these features below:


  • Wireless Technology
  • You just need to lie it flat to turn it off (Not bulky when traveling)
  • Scrolling function that includes horizontal scrolling


I originally bought it sa Amazon. Until now, it’s still good and working for me.


Check it on Amazon or Lazada.

Gadget #3

It’s actually not part of the plan when I bought it. As in, nasira lang ung isa kong pointer and that day, kailangan ko ng presenter. Hindi na sana ako bibili, pero since I am going to present a very important deck sa isang client ko kaya napilitan akong maghanap before the meeting.


So far, it’s the best presenter that I have used.


What I love with this presenter is:


  • Transmission range is up to 20m
  • Plug & Play
  • Optical Finger Navigation button (OFN)


Ung OFN talaga ung pinaka best feature nya! Hindi lang slide up and down, left or right. Meron itong mouse-like scroll navigation and left-click function of a mouse. The best sya sa mga presentations and demos.


Nabili ko sya sa Gilmore Inc. sa may Fishermall, Quezon City (5th Floor) pero available na rin sya sa Lazada.

Gadget #4

Gadget nga ba to? Well, gusto ko parin siyang isama sa listahan kasi helpful sya for me.


I have a wired broadband with 25 mbps speed as per advertising. Hindi ako magaling sa mga ganitong bagay, pero nag-try parin ako mag-search at mag-compare.


When I am using the Wi-Fi, it would consume from 15-20 mbps which is faster pero sa dami ng workload ko minsan, I need to at least maximize the 25 mbps. That’s why this tool is useful for me. I can connect on my broadband internet with almost 23-24mbps in speed which is good.


RJ45 STP CAT 7 Flat Gigabit Ethernet Network Cable


Speedtest via Wifi: Click here

Speedtest via Cable: Click here


What I love with this RJ45 cable is:


  • Gold Plated RJ45 connector
  • 10m Flat cable (Long enough to connect in my laptop)
  • 10Gbps High Speed


I bought it in Lazada.

Gadget #5

Gadget din ba to? Well, useful din kasi itong tool na ito kaya it’s worth it to share.


Madalas sa mga presentations ko, wala silang HDMI connector kaya ang ending, hindi ko nagagamit ang laptop ko for presentations. Nahihirapan din ako to transfer files from my laptop to flash drives. Lalo na pag marami. And ang isa pang benefit sakin, is nagagamit ko sya for my 2nd screen, para naka dual screen ako pag working.

1080P HDMI Male to VGA Female Video Converter Adapter Cable


What I love with this connector is:


  • HDMI Input and VGA Output
  • Low Price
  • Quality


I also bought it in Lazada.

Let’s wrap it up, ito ung mga useful gadgets and tools na ginagamit ko everyday.


  1. Lenovo Yoga 500
  2. Microsoft Arc Mouse
  3. ProLink Presenter
  4. Cat7 RJ45 Cable
  5. HDMI-VGA Connector


For me they are helpful in my online journey, investing in one of these is totally worth it.



Ano ang Top 5 Gadget na very helpful sa iyong online journey? Comment it below.

SAT 004: Types of Online Work

SAT 004: Types of Online Work

SAT 004: Types of Online Work


We can now earn more in the comfort of our homes with the different online opportunities.

When I started working online, I was able to knew more about earning more. I thought freelancing is just about working online, providing digital services and helping clients to focus on the core of their business.

It was, but online has more.

As online job grows, we are provided with more opportunities. We got more easier access since these are all done online. As it grows, lot of opportunist also take advantage of it.

Online jobs becomes bigger and bigger and better, but we also have to learn what really makes sense and would not hit us back just because we wanted to earn more and fast.

In this 1 hour video, I tackle those different online opportunities that we can do online.

I hope you stay until the end, as I give you some important details about each online opportunity.

Keep in mind those important details that I have shared.

These are all based on my personal experience.


What question do you have for me about this topic?

Comment it below and I will try to provide answers in it.

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Online Opportunities

There are different types of online work where you can earn online income, either you provide a service or you create your own business.

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You'll Learn:


Mindset on Online Business


Different Online Opportunities

  • Freelancing
  • Blogging
  • Dropshipping
  • Online Courses
  • Coaching
  • Review/Sponsorship
  • Affiliate Marketing

How to avoid online scams


Note: Some of the resources below may be affiliate links, meaning I get paid a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you use that link to make a purchase. Read our affiliate disclaimer for more details. Thanks in advance because it simply means that my content matters.

VA Bootcamp

Start Your Virtual Assistant Career from Home

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Build Your Own Brand

A Free 5-Day Challenge to Help You Build a Brand and Website You Can Be Proud Of

Smart from Scratch

How to Find a Winning Business Idea & Land Your First Customer

1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing

An Interactive Video-Based Training Program That Teaches You STEP-BY-STEP How to AUTHENTICALLY Generate More Income with Affiliate Marketing

SAT 003: How I earn my first $85 in OnlineJobs

SAT 003: How I earn my first $85 in OnlineJobs

SAT 003: How I earn my first $85 in OnlineJobs


I got my first $85 in Onlinejobs.ph and from that day I’ve loved this platform.

When I was laid off to my corporate job, I didn’t expect it. It was November 2016 to be exact. Just days before the Christmas and New Year season.

I thought to myself that it would be hard for me if I find a job during that time. If I get hired, there’s a probability that I would not be able to spend vacation time with the family.

So I decided not to look for a corporate job and pursue online jobs instead.

Got December plans until January season, and another thing is we are having a 1 week vacation in Iloilo by February.

My target was to find for a stable online job for these 3 months and if it fails, I will start applying in corporate jobs by March 2017.

Luckily, I able to have a short-term task based which I got from OnlineJobs.ph.

In this video, here are the “DaPaT” behaviors I earn, for me to be able to get my first online job in OnlineJobs.ph.

I hope this would also be applicable to you.

Do you think this is helpful?

If this is something helpful for your online journey, you may also share yours by commenting below.

I would love to here your stories too.

Thanks for Watching!

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OnlineJobs.ph is another freelancing platform for online work. Application is totally FREE and this platform is where I found my long-term client.


Social Media:

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You'll Learn:


How I earn $85 in Onlinejobs.ph


3 Behavioral Tips when working online


Why I loved Onlinejobs.ph


Note: Some of the resources below may be affiliate links, meaning I get paid a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you use that link to make a purchase. Read our affiliate disclaimer for more details. Thanks in advance because it simply means that my content matters.

VA Bootcamp

Start Your Virtual Assistant Career from Home

Use Coupon Code "SARAHB10" to avail 10% discount

SKY Broadband

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How I Started Working Online?

How I Started Working Online?

How I Started Working Online?

A dream that I encountered, scrap it out but was able to cross my line again, knocks on my door and finally led me to dream again.

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It’s been a dream to be able to work online. Way back in 2012, I’ve been researching for online work. I spend most of my free time to computer shops to perform the research, sometimes when the teacher’s duties are off (since working as a Computer Instructor), Yahoo and Google are my best friends.

I had a few successful short-term jobs, but since I don’t have my own laptop, internet, and been busy from working full-time to private companies, the idea of working online has been scrap out.

2016, when working online cross my line again so I decided to invest in my own laptop and started to try it again. Still my time is an issue towards that online dream. Travel time to work consume most of my time so I had no opportunity to get online. Not until November 2017, I was laid off from my job. Since November, December and January are the busiest seasons in the Philippines, and I had a scheduled Long Vacation by February; I had a deal with myself and asked God’s guidance to grant my wants.

I will pursue online work within these times, and if I failed to find a stable one, something that will pay for all my bills, I will get back to apply to private companies by March 1.

I had short-term jobs again, which in the meantime became the payor for my monthly bills. I had no job, but my expenses are fixed, and I am able to still pay for all my payables. Until early January of 2017, I crossed this client looking for someone who “Loves Numbers”. Literally, I don’t love numbers as much how Mathematician, Accountants, Finance and Statistics love it but one thing I know, I can translate those numbers to be useful one. After passing all the exams and interviews, I was finally hired. Oh yes! 

I was hired full-time for 7 hours a day from Monday to Friday, with a compensation that really fits my monthly expenses, and above all, my start date at this job is March 1. And the deal is now officially off! Online work meets my way!

Hello, Online Work! Hello, Online Freedom! Hello, Online Journey!

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