About Asenso Hub

Welcome to Asenso Hub About Page! It’s a resource website that I created  To provide information about Work-From-Home discoveries and test Passive Income ideas — but where to start?

Who is Me, Myself and I ?


I am a Student at All Times who love learning and learning different stuff. Digital is my favorite place ever since!

I graduated in College 2x, not because I am a repeater but because I took my first 2 years in a Vocational Course about ‘Business Information System’ before I had a chance to continue it to Bachelor’s Degree, which is my number one choice since High School — BS Computer Science.

After graduation, I applied to my Top 3 favorite computer/digital companies but none of them became successful. I lack communication skills for some but that experience of failure became my motivation to seek for improvement, which I became a College Instructor for 2 years.

My experience for being a College Instructor, provides me the skills of Management and Communicator which introduced me to BPO Companies. I’ve been a part of two (2) Business Process Outsourcing companies, one which I spent most of my career years and has been one of my best experiences.

But, life is full of challenges. In 2017, I left my 3.5 years BPO life in exchange of a 3x higher pay job. I know right! That’s actually one of the toughest decisions I made. Even my colleagues didn’t expect that I will come to that final decision. But that decision, became another roller coaster in my life. Because after 4 months on that 3x higher paying job, I was laid off from that job.

And the rest is history…

How I Started Working Online?


A dream that I encountered, scrap it out but was able to cross my line again, knocks on my door and finally led me to dream again.

The story about how I started working online is a long story to tell, but in case you are interested, you can read it here.

Any way, I am still working with the same client as of this writing. Not unlike other online Freelancers who work 8 hours a day or more with multiple clients, I work for only 1 client and the remaining hours is building my own online dream. 

How Asenso Hub began


A dream not just to work online, but to create, build and establish a Passive Income online business. An online business that every Filipino would also dream of. And I want to share all my learning through this blog, where hoping that someday that success will happen. That this journey will someday fulfill its mission as a successful online space.

I started Asenso Hub way back 2017 with my own domain name (SarahBernardinaBorja.com) but I think it was a big mistake and I was overwhelmed with all the information I had. I conceptualized it again, and think of something that I want this to be in the future.

Yes! I want to be successful! Who would not like to be successful? Everyone does!!! So after doing some research, finally landed to the brand I wanted to call it. “Asenso Hub”

AsensoHub.com is an online space about working online and starting an online business.

Why I Do What I Do?


Testing has been part of my journey in any way. Why? I am a BS Computer Science graduate, and I handle Project Management of developing systems.

And the best thing that I wanted to build with my own hands, is my own online dream.

And testing until I get there is my journey.

As you read my blog and watch my Youtube channel, you will also learn that:

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My Ultimate Goals in Life…

To be recognized as an MVP (Most Valuable Professional) by Microsoft in Excel.

2019 Financial Goals:

  1. Clear all my cancelled credit cards
  2. Pay all my unpaid billings
  3. Pay all my personal debts
Thanks for reading this! I’d love to have you join me in this this journey.
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